ABOUT angela

Angela is an experienced Coach, Communicator and Creator. She has lived in, and studied in many parts of the world; created workshops for executives and small business owners in Seattle; taught creativity to leaders in Buenos Aires, Argentina; and developed self-esteem-building workshops for teens.

As a Corporate and Individual Coach, Angela reunites people with their innate wholeness, and revives the connection between creativity, innovation and business.

The video series, Interviews With Friends and Enemies connects us to one another. Guests will be varied ages and demographics over the upcoming 1,000 interviews.

Angela’s unique coaching, guided meditations and style of interviews, offer a deep and strong connection to self, others and universal truths.


why work with angela?

Some of the many benefits of working with Angela and participating in Mindfulness Sessions & Workshops include:

Sense of joy and peace while at work  - Greater trust in your creativity and innovative skills at work and home - Diminished insecurities about your work and your capacity for creativity - Improved interactions with others at home and in the workplace - Greater appreciation of your unique skills - Greater connection to people around you - Skills to use at home and work


What People Have said about working with angela-

“Angela peels off years of excuses in a couple of hours! Through her skills and her personal charm, I found my creative energies released in a single class. Sold my first painting (ever). I recommend Angela as the best investment ever to get you off your butt!”
-R. Lupton (Engineering & Technical Codes Manager)

“Angela’s workshop awakened something in me that had been dormant my whole life and I am forever changed because of it.”
-Vicki W. (manager of a team of 75)

“Angela’s workshop enlightened my soul, awakened my inner artist and created a great sense of camaraderie with fellow participants.”
-Robert V. (business owner)

“The workshops are a safe and enlightening environment for personal breakthroughs."
-Laura N. (small business owner)