Professional  COACHING sessions

We have successfully worked with businesses, individuals and groups to create a unique approach to Mindfulness in the world and in the workplace.

Frequency: Recommend at least 2-4 times per month.
Length of Sessions: Recommend 30 minute sessions, can be back-to-back, depending on need and size of group.

Basic Content of Sessions:
1. Opening Guided Meditation to lower stress and put the body and mind in a balanced and receptive state
2. Mindfulness skill presentation and discussion, with specific uses in actual work day offered
3. Closing Guided Meditation to prepare for return to work, with creative and productive juices flowing
4. Suggestions for carrying out Mindfulness until the next session

All Sessions Include: 
Our unique style of Guided Meditations, which increase creative problem-solving skills and induce a joyful expression of personal balance and strength.

All sessions include our unique Mindfulness Skills which we have culled from experience as a Coach, Communicator, Creator, Business Owner, Teacher and Employee.

Our specifically formulated Castagnola Essential Oils, used during meditations to balance and uplift the senses and experience.